What helps when you’re having problems with the kidneys?

Question: My aunt has a problem with her kidneys. She has began doing kidney dialysis now. What can you share with us on this particular healing topic? In-terms of the spiritual story behind such an ailment as well as herbs that help with this particular ailment.

Answer: [DISCLAIMER: This is for informational purpose only and may not be construed as medical advice or instruction. For proper health advice you should always consult your doctor! Please read our disclaimer]
An infection in the Kidneys shows that someone has a lack of self love. Somebody who feels disappointed and angry like a child. The Kidneys are filtering toxins and negative emotions out of the blood and are regulating the water in the body. If you have to much negative emotions like anger, it will manifest stones in the kidneys. You have to keep the kidneys warm, physically and emotionally with LOVE. If they get cold, they get an infection, and they can not filter everything. So sometime you loose blood through the urine. It happens more often to women than to men. Every once a while, humans have to detoxify the kidneys. The nature has plants for that.
You can use: birch, bear-grape (uva-ursi), Barberry, Beans, watercress, or you can go to the pharmacy and get a mixture of natural herbs,like: Albumo-Gastreu R64, Renes/Equisetum comp.

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