How can i stop smoking?

Question: Hello Alaje I am very happy to see you back again,Light and Love to you and thank you for everything.I just have one question.I have stoped smoking,1 month ago and I feel very good and harmonious,but my friend smoke around me all the time and harm my body too.How can I help them stop smoking?


Answer: A smoker who wants to stop smoking needs a strong will and Self-Love. He who Loves himself, does not harm himself with drugs, smoking, alcohol, animal corpses or any other kind of poisons. Because it is harming the physical AND energetic body, and it is blocking you to reach higher levels of consciousness.

Self-destruction is a sign of lack of Self-Love and lack of spirituality and a form of slow suicide and self-deception, and that is not spirituality. Smoking is the most common disease on planet earth and it is the cause of many negative energies, because it is opening doorways to the lower astral dimension and negative entities can come through.

Every smoker has negative lower astral beings, demons, parasites and holes in his dirty aura. If we have negative thoughts, negative feelings, eat animal corpses and smoke, the energy bodies get weak and damaged, and that results sooner or later to a damage and disease in the physical body and the consciousness.

Those parasites feed on the life energy of the smoker, forcing him to smoke further and distracting him from reaching the light. With these energies, they are distracting and disturbing the energy of non-smokers too.

The negative energies of burning poisons are keeping your vibration low and are weakening the Chakra points and the Aura. That creates holes in the Aura and you are not protected anymore from lower astral parasites and demons, that are existing close to the dimension level of the earth. Everybody with an active third eye can see it.

This is not a matter of "believing" or "not believing", this is a matter of having knowledge out of experience or not. Cigarettes have over 3800 chemical compounds. Around 200 of them are toxic, and are in a dose that is killing slowly. Around 40 from them are carcinogenic. All these poisons are designed to block earth humans to become spiritual, because it is limiting the awareness and the energy in the aura.

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