What is the meaning of a lotus flower?

Question: Earth friend Alaje. Can you help me I have questions.. Couple month before I found your website... In february a lady showed up in my room she was very tall and thin 6 foot 4" to 6 foot 8". she was talking to me and I was hugging her and then we sat at the foot of my bed for a little bit...she told me to go to bed and I went to bed..The next morning I felt like i was in heaven..It lasted for about 3 weeks..And then it was very hard for me..I studied a whole bunch of religions trying to find out what was happening to me... The religions were all man made and fake..And then I went back to my old way of living..Some night when I go to sleep I get pulled into a black room where there is normal people and glowing people..They helped me get through the tough times...I had a dream.. I was told they were giving me a lotus flower.....Question 1 what is the meaning of a lotus flower.......I am hoping that you will have a book on the meaning of a lotus flower..


Answer: Usually the lotus in a dream or vision is a symbol for the chakras. And the spiritual woman gave you cosmic Love, the energy of the Source. The energy I am talking about in all my 19 videos.

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