Why do so many of them like Pleiadians look so human in appearance?

Question: I have a question about extraterrestrials? Why do so many of them like Pleiadians look so human in appearance? Answer: The answer is in all my 19 videos. Humans are EVERYWERE in the universes. There are Humans on Earth because humans from other universes and planets had colonies on earth, millions of years ago.


What is the name of the geometric symbol in your videos?

Question: Alaje, is there a name for that sacred geometric symbol that appears in the beginning of your videos? Am i correct to assume that it is spiral based? Answer: Sri Yantra.


What is the name of the video you use in your 8th video?

Question: I have a question: could you please tell me the name of the movie which appears at the 5.20 min. of your video part 8? It seems to be very positive. Light and love to the all planet. Answer: “The Celestine Prophecy”: http://www.thecelestineprophec­


Am I truly from the pleiades or is it just my ego?

Question: If someone feels that he(she) is from the Pleiades, how can one know that it is true and not the voice of his(her) ego who wants to feel different from the others? Is there any way to check if it is true? Answer: You will know for sure, when you have real contact with [...]


What is the music in video number 6?

Question: Could you please tell me where i can find the music you used on video 6? I feel so good when I hear it. Thank you so much for your teaching, i stopped smoking recently, i change most of my negative thoughts to positive thoughts and i try to meditate but i think i [...]


Do you plan to do group meditations in the future?

Question: Have you already got plans for future (lightwork)? Answer: Yes, i have plans and group meditations, but i will not announce it in the internet. There are still too many evil people.


Alaje, do you miss home?

Question: Do you ever miss home? Answer: Since i came to Earth.


Where can I find more information on fine matter energy?

Question: I was doing some study and research for the greater good. Can you please point me towards legitimate information on fine matter energy? When i make a Google search of this, i am not finding much. Where do i go from here? Answer:, meditation.


Does the spacestation of your 12th video really exist?

Question: In the beginning of the new video (12) seen lightships and space station over the Earth. This space station in the form of crop circles, which has been made several weeks ago, i think in Germany. This coincidence or this station there, really? Answer: This space station is there, really. The image is an [...]


Is it normal to fall asleep when watching your videos?

Question: Alaje is it normal to feel sleepy when i listen to your videos and meditate? Answer: Yes, that’s happening when you are not ready enough for higher frequencies. But if you continue meditating and rising your own frequency, you won’t be sleepy any more.


What is the difference between shamans and pleiadians?

Question: What is the difference between the indigenous shamans that know how to travel in the spirit/astral worlds, have seen other planets, and then people like you and your people who travel with light ships? Your people seem to have evolved technologically with love and spirituality, where the indigenous have no technology, but know how [...]


Do pleiadians know every single planet in the universe?

Question: Are there any planets which you (Pleiadians) still don’t know, or do you know everything in the universe? Answer: Nobody knows everything in all universes, because the existence is constantly developing and expanding. All the knowledge is distributed in the consciousness of existence, and no single person is in a position to know everything. [...]


After participating in the meditation on mount olymp, I experienced something wonderful!

Statement: Greetings Alaje, i wish to tell you about some incident, which happens on the way home. Our plane had not been canceled at that time as others, but there happened something amazing. We missed our flight; workers of the airport told us that the plant prepares to go. They began to talk on the [...]


Alaje, did your lightwork on mount Olympus bring any change?

Question: Alaje, what happened in Wisconsin and what about the volcano when you and your group did the lightwork on mount olympus? Answer: The volcanic eruption and the light ball over Wisconsin USA was a direct response from the existence to our light work on the mountain Olympus. A purification of bad energies on Earth.


Alaje, your meditations don’t seem to have any connection with the earth…

Question: In your meditations there is no connection with the earth. Is it wrong if i do that? Answer: ALL my meditations are about the transformation of Earth. And of course there IS a connection to Earth.


Alaje, how did you decide what to put in your videos?

Question: How did you decide what to put in your videos? Answer: When the time is right, i receive the right information from my “higher self”.


What does “Adonai” stand for?

Question: I have heard a word ADONAI in the end of a few videos. Adon and Adonai – Hebrew name for God, Master, Lord? Answer: No, Adonai is just a greeting.


What are Venusians like?

Question: Is it safe to contact beings from Venus (The Venusians) what can you tells us about them? Answer: Venusians are very loving and spiritual.


Alaje, can you come to/do a public meditation at [LOCATION]?

Question: What do you think about coming some time to Belintash. It’s a plateau in Bulgaria and is said to have a great and powerful energy. Answer: Well, if i have to go somewhere, the existence will send me the time, money and the right situations and people.


Why does Alaje have his consciousness in the future and present?

Question: I’ve got a question, namely you said in one of your videos that you have a consciousness in the future and a consciousness in our present. But one thing i don’t understand, why does the galactic federation specially come from the future to help us, why not comes from our time period? Answer: As [...]


Was Nikola Tesla a pleiadian?

Question: Hello Alaje, did Nikola Tesla come from the Pleiades? Answer: Well, he was an incarnated Venusian, and the Venusians are the first Pleiadians who came to this solar system. So they are relatives.


Why is Alaje’s consciousness divided into 2 parts?

Question: In your videos you state that you have divided you consciousness in your light ship and in your physical body i dabbled into astral projection and they talk about dividing your consciousness to one area of the room etc is that what u basically do?
Answer: Hello, my case is a little bit different. I [...]


Are pleiadians human or not?

Question: Were pleiadians human just like us before? Answer: We are still humans. Only in a higher frequency.


Pleiadians having connections with Earth in the past?

Question: In the 3rd video you said that Pleiadians have connections with Earth from the past. What did you mean? Which connections? Answer: I mean, Pleiadians were on planet earth in the past and have influenced many civilizations.

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