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Does the Galactic Federation of Light have other issues to deal with besides Earth?

Question: I've listened to a message from the Pleiadean High Council and other messages from the Federation. But there is something that my heart has waited a lifetime to ask this to you... (this is my Earth self question to you) Does the Federation have other issues to deal with besides Earth [...]


Have you heard about the “Galactic Channelings”, coming the messages of the Galactic Federation of Light?

Question: I'm sure you heard about the "galactic channelings" , exactly MATTHEW WARD , MIKE QUINSEY BLOSSOM GOODCHILD , SHELDAN NIDLE , KRIS-WON they say it, that their messages coming from galactic federation of light. They tell the truth? Answer: The answer is since 3 years in my video part 6.


Does the Galactic Federation of Light celebrate Christmas?

Question: Thank you so much for coming back this evening my friend ! It’s better than a gift under a Christmas tree. The energy is so positive today! It’s a little naive but are the Ashtar command and our star brothers of the galactic federation around us having celebration when the energy is high on [...]


When I call the Galactic Federation, will they come to teach me?

Question: If a positive person calling the galactic federation they appear to teach this person? Answer: You get teachings all the time, since you are born, while you are sleeping.


Is it useful to love the dark side?

Question: I know that love is the key. I also know that everybody should have a chance to love. Biggest Challenge is to love the dark side. Sometimes it requires lots of balls to do so. So my question is that does love apply to those who despite and hate it? Answer: The love frequency [...]


Is it possible to travel to Pleiades for earth people?

Question: Is it possible to travel to Pleiades for earth person? Answer: Only when you are in a higher frequency.


Do extraterrestrials have humor?

Question: What is Pleiadian sense of humor like, does humor even exist on higher planes? I’ve never heard of an extraterrestrial laugh or smile. Answer: Spiritual extraterrestrials have of course humor. If not them, who else? But when we see how much negativity there is on Earth, we can NOT laugh about it. It is [...]


Are all lightworkers good?

Question: Alaje i had some experiences with some other lightworkers, and i noticed that i get the best benefit from your guidance. Do some people feel more benefit on evolving themselves from other lightworkers because of the different life plan? Answer: Not everybody is a lightworker…… As i say in the left side of my [...]


What does it mean to be a “star seed”

Question: There is so much talking about star seeds now, it seems it has become something so “mental” and popular; i can often see many websites about this topic: mental and very full of information, but with little heart. what is the real meaning of being a star seed? Answer: Well, there is no meaning [...]


Is a soul protected from negative karma when it’s in tune with the existence?

Question: When a soul is in tune with the existence, when it attracts positive energy from the cosmic source with positive thoughts and feelings, that means that this soul is protected from its negative karma, which has created in past lifes? Answer: No, it means that you start to erase negative karma and replace it [...]


Why isn’t every lightworker on earth helping people online?

Question: In one of your videos, you said that on Earth there are many light workers like you. Why do they also don’t get in touch with people through the Internet, also giving them the necessary information about the right development of consciousness? Is it possible to somehow come up with them in physical plane? [...]


Is “Ummac Dan” the official symbol of the galactic federation of light?

Question: The so-called “Ummac Dan” symbol? Is this should be the symbol of the galactic federation of light. It says so in any case in the net… Answer: No. See my video num 6.


Are dolphins special animals?

Question: Can you tell us about the Dolphins? I have always found them to be such loving creatures. Answer: They are incarnated extraterrestrials.


Which books do you recommend to be less ignorant?

Question: Could you give us the titles of 2 or 3 books we should read to be less ignorant? Books you think they are reliable. Answer: The books of George Adamski and Bob Renaud. Both had contact with spiritual extraterrestrials.


Why does Alaje have his consciousness in the future and present?

Question: I’ve got a question, namely you said in one of your videos that you have a consciousness in the future and a consciousness in our present. But one thing i don’t understand, why does the galactic federation specially come from the future to help us, why not comes from our time period? Answer: As [...]


Are the channelings from Ashtar Sheran reliable?

Question: Hello Alaje, i would like to ask you one thing, if you don’t mind. What relationship do you have between Ashtar Sheran, because there is a rumor which says that Ashtar Sheran is not a reliable being. Answer: As i say in my videos, there are extraterrestrials, that pretend to be somebody else, in [...]


Was Toth a pleiadian?

Question: Why do i feel so attached spiritually to Toth the Pleiadian? In your videos you say that Elijah wasn’t prophet but a contact of pleiadians, i have a question how did Elijah ascend? Answer: Who told you that “Toth” was a Pleiadian? Who told you that Eliah was a contact from the pleiadians? In [...]


What was the Google unexplained phenomenon?

Question: Hello mister 777ALAJE what are your opinions on the google unexplained phenomenon? Answer: The Federation of Light gave the idea telepathically to Google people to show a ship. Those people in Google think it’s their idea… But in reality, my people gave them the idea. It is a way to bring Earth-people the image [...]


What you have to pay attention to when making contact with high level beings

Question: Dear Alaje, do you know Ami? Is he work with you in the same federation? Do you also use the same logo for the Galactic Federation as Ami does? I saw 3 books about a boy (from Spain) contact with him. It is a very nice story about love and adventure. Answer: No, I [...]


Why isn’t the positive side interventing into situation on earth?

Question: Friend why you all Pleiadians don’t want to defeat our government and help Earth humans? Answer: I have answered this already in my videos. You are in a school here to learn and to grow by mastering experiences. If somebody else does it for you, you have not mastered it and you will have [...]


Where does the Galactic Federation of Light meet?

Question: Is there a meeting place where all of the Galactic Federation of light beings meet and do you know the name of the place? Answer: Yes, this place is outside of the Earth, in the big mother ships.

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